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  Hosting services


By the month

Annual pre-paid

Basic Web
Basic e-mail

  • 5 e-mail addresses
  • 50 megs site space
  • FTP / FrontPage extensions

$24.95 month

( $299.40 per-year )



$239.40 / annually

( 65 cents a day )


Commercial Web

  • Your own domain name
  • 10 e-mail addresses
  • 50 megs site space
  • IP addressing as required
  • FTP / FrontPage extensions
  • Monthy DNS services

$ 29.95 month

( $359.40  per-year )



$299.40 / annually

( 82 cents a day )


Basic e-mail

  • Unlimited e-mail services
  • Secure webmail
  • List server services available

$19.95 month

( $239.40 per-year )

$179.40 / annually

( 49 cents a day )

The $0.65 per-day rate is applicable to the Basic hosting service based on a pre-paid annual rate of $239.40 plus taxes.

Add-on services: ( Contact us to discuss your needs and we will quote you a solution )

  • E-commerce services
  • ODBC database connections
  • Site traffic logs
  • SSL secure transactions
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • List server client newsletters
  • Monthly scheduled search engine submission
  • Search engine optimization

Domain name search and registration: $59.95*

  • Name suggestion consult
  • Domain name search
  • Internic registration
  • Website server setup
  • Email setup

*Includes all registration fees for the first year.
*Applicable taxes to be added to all quoted rates.

Conditions of Service

CybrusNet.com is committed to providing 99.99% up-time service as our objective, however, all services are provided on a 'best efforts' basis only. Due to the complex nature of the Internet, interruptions beyond our control may temporarily or unexpectedly affect access to CybrusNet.com services and services and websites of CybrusNet.com customers and clients. CybrusNet.com assumes no liability for loss of personal or business reputation, financial damages, or for consequential or inconsequential damages arising directly or indirectly out of loss of service. Server-maintenance downtime and repair does occur but is scheduled for off-peak hours only  whenever scheduling is possible. CybrusNet.com reserves the right to terminate service without warning and without compensation for any client found or attempting to abuse, damage or compromise the security of or access to CybrusNet.com equipment and systems. Payment is for the provision of Internet consulting and hosting services only and no further obligation on the part of CybrusNet.com is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice, with all prepaid accounts in good standing exempt from price changes for the duration of their prepaid period.

CybrusNet.com is a trade name of Optrics Inc.